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Do You Do Black Friday?

on Dec 15, 2009: I never attend Black Friday sales, I'm too scared of the crowds! I find my own "Black Friday deals" throughout the year (earlier this summer, I scored $400 worth of jewelry and acessories for only $130!) so I plan for Christmas ahead of time. Because of this, I spend less and less around the holid…

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Online Shopping Made Safer

on Dec 15, 2009: I really like the above tips! The padlock icon on the toolbar is something I have recently noticed... and I'm glad I did! I rarely shop from "small businesses" online, which sounds awful, unless I personally know/have been in personal contact with the person who runs it. I'm far too paranoid of my…

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Forced To Be Physically Fit

on Dec 15, 2009: You know, I think this is a good idea... for high school students, maybe. As others have said, I find this to be discriminatory towards overweight students... They have paid their tuition, they are there for an education-- a fitness program should NOT be mandatory. Yes, it is a good idea with grea…