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France Does Away With Unlimited Free Refills On Soda, Should We Follow Suit?

on Mar 09, 2017: LOLZ That's great. For France. BUT here in the ol' US of A we have an obesity issue that cannot be ignored. Our kids are FAT AF, LAZY, UNMOTIVATED, UNCHALLENGED, etc. Gym class? Eh. That was a horror show of sweaty (pre)pubescent underarms & self conscience behavior . After school is …

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School Bus Driver Gives Out Winter Hats and Gloves To Students In Need

on Mar 09, 2017: I think it's a beautiful story and he definitely is a hero. But it makes me wonder... he went to a dollar store to get hats and gloves for children without. Where are these children's parents? Are you telling me these people are having children and they cannot even afford a dollar store h…

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Planning Your Next Vacation? Prevent #VacationMishaps with this Luxurious Giveaway!

on Mar 09, 2017: My husband left the carry-on suitcase in the backseat of his car. That's where the passports and the money was. I had my passport in my carry-on in my hand. So we get in line and when he is asked for his passport he obviously cannot find it. Then we remember quickly where it was. So a friend of o…