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Do Rihanna's New Skinny Brows Mean It Will Soon Be Time To Pluck?

on Aug 15, 2018: No. Just NO! After losing most of my brows to thyroid disease and working to grow them back, I will not be part of in this "trend". Besides, IMO, it is not flattering to her face so I don't see it being flattering to anyone else's either.

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The Growing Trend of 'Snapchat Dysmorphia' That Has Some Doctors Worried

on Aug 15, 2018: It was just a matter of time. Sure, I think it's fine to improve parts of your body if it will boost self esteem. In my opinion though, that's a bit too much. It is absolutely a threat to self-esteem and mental health!! Most women are never 100% satisfied with their appearance (myself included)…

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First Black Same-Sex Family Featured in Fashion Campaign

on Sep 22, 2017: Yes! Love is love.