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Behind the Scenes At SheSpeaks

on Jan 29, 2009: I love browsing through the comments and seeing what everybody else is thinking. For the most part we tend to agree. I hope manufacturers, vendors, government, and other entities are listening. We women drive much of this economy with our everyday buying decisions.

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The Thinning Out of American Women

on Jan 29, 2009: It's hard to believe this hasn't had a comment since June, '07 when the topic is far from dead. Yesterday's entertainment news was about how Jessica Simpson has 'let herself go' because she is no longer stick thin. She looks healthy and normal and far thinner than any of the women you'll see in y…

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Limited Choices - 10 Foods or Fewer

on Jan 29, 2009: I could limit myself to 10 categories but not just 10 foods. I have at least 10 different vegetables in my fridge right now. We eat very little meat, lots of fish, whole grain pasta, fruits, beans, nuts, and all those veg and more. I couldn't cook without garlic or olive oil and lots of flavorful …