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Celebrate Women's History Month with These Women Owned Companies & Win!

on May 17, 2024: I was blessed to grow up around many strong and amazing woman! Both my grandmothers, my mom - who is my hero, and various aunts that I am still close to today

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Women's Insight Survey: What SheSpeaks Members Said

on May 17, 2024: I am genuinely concerned about the future for myself but more so for my kids. Politicians on both sides are in it for themselves. They do not care about the welfare of the people. This is proven when they pass healthcare laws that impact everyone but themselves. Or when individuals take office and…

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10 Perfect U.S. Destinations for a Weekend Trip

on May 17, 2024: I have visited a few of these, others are on my travel wish list and honestly some weren?t. For those that weren?t I am going to do a little more research