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Is There a Shelf Life on Nail polish?

on Jan 30, 2013: I'm a nail junkie and my polish lasts as long as I make it last! I often use it up in under a year (I told you I love polish), but it never goes bad. It can get a bit thick, but I usually add a drop or two of acetone, and it'll last a bit longer.

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Women Learn Body Diversity is Beautiful

on Jan 30, 2013: I love this. I'm not VERY large, but I'm heavier than most people at my school. I have fat thighs, and a large stomach with muffin top and love handles. I would love to see at least someone in a twenty to thirty lb difference between me and them. I go to the mall, and can't buy at a lot of stores …

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Win Delicious and Healthy SunRype Fruit Snacks!!

on Jan 30, 2013: I would love to try all of these! I've had the Strawberry Fruit Strips before, and LOVED them! They tasted just like fruit roll ups! I love fruit, but between school and sleep, I don't have much time. It would be a great snack while I'm at school, as I'm often hungry by around noon.