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Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream

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Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners

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See-Through Security

on Jan 11, 2010: There is a constant struggle between security and rights. If you want more security, you have to give up more rights. If you want more rights, you have to give up more security. It's how it works. I personally am torn about this scanner option. On one hand, I definitely am FOR being safer trave…

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Getting Paid To Lose Weight

on Jan 11, 2010: Umm... I wonder if I quality? Dang, I already lost 20 pounds, so I'm out of the obese range :) too bad I didn't do the website! Oh well, I'll keep going with WW. I do think this is awesome, though admittedly odd. It seems strange that some random person should give you money for losing weight..…