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Plus-Sized Gym Turns Away Members if They're Too Skinny

on Jul 26, 2012: If the goal is to have a safe, non-judgmental environment where people can come to deal with their own lifestyle problems concerning food abuse and being overweight, and NOT to have a plus-sized hang out where you can bash the skinnies, ... then yes it's a great thing! Sounds very helpful.

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You Say He's Just a Friend? A New Study May Make You Think Twice

on Jul 26, 2012: I think that it's accurate to say that first comes the dissatisfaction with one's spouse, and then the attraction to a "platonic" friend. I've been there. The best response to this is to protect your marriage and resist acting upon those feelings for someone who is not your spouse... because that'…

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Kids Feel the Pain From Your Breakup Too

on Jul 26, 2012: Sex before marriage is irresponsible. Something as big as starting a family needs boundaries. Marriage provides that. Get married and stay married. That's the responsible thing to do. If you don't like your marriage then you've just learned a very valuable lesson-- to think before you commit. But …