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Cooking with White Wine

on Dec 29, 2008: We add red wine to some of our crock pot dishes--beef stew and pot roasts. Other than white wine in fondue, I'm not sure what else we've added it to for cooking. It would be nice to have a couple recipes listed in this article.

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Labor in Your Living Room

on Nov 23, 2008: I'd say it's up to the individual--just make sure you're well educated on all the risks before you decide on a home birth. Personally, I didn't want a home birth. With my first my water broke 6 weeks early and I was put on hospital bed rest, and then induced 10 days later, when the risk of infe…

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Flying the Family Friendly Skies

on Sep 29, 2008: I certainly like the idea of cheaper tickets and a family friendly airline. I would be wary, however, after so many 'budget' airlines have gone under.