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Cheers! How to Start a Wine Tasting Group

on Jul 08, 2009: As soon as I give birth and things settle down, I would LOVE to do this!

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Limited Choices - 10 Foods or Fewer

on Jul 08, 2009: I would be very hard pressed to limit my diet to just 10 foods, what I want to eat changes all the time. If I had to pick just 10 basics then it would have to be Chicken, pork, cheese, avocado, corn on the cob, potatos, grapes, cherries, eggs, pasta, tomatos, mushrooms, zucchini, hamburger, chili…

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The Upside of a Bad Economy

on Jul 08, 2009: My husband and I have learned to appreciate simple time spent together at home, cooking together, and we eat out a lot less often. We eat more healthily and frugally, and use the saved money for more lasting experiences and necessities.