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Tips to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

on Apr 11, 2012: I live in an apartment complex and we have been doing the recycling for just over a year now and I think it is wonderful. We have been saving the pull tabs of pop cans and for earth day this year we are all getting together and making bracelets out of them. I have seen belts made with them but I t…

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Grab a Deck of Cards! December 28th is Card Playing Day!

on Dec 28, 2011: We will be playing SkipBo tonight. There is about 12 of us get together every Wed and Sun. and play cards together. Each of us bring some kind of snack to share with each other. It is a fun time and gets us out of our apartment for a few hours...

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Is Your New Year's Resolution Just An Empty Promise?

on Dec 30, 2009: I really don't know many that keep a New Year's resolution. They might have good intentions but just don't follow through with them. I know I won't make one because I won't make it. Good Luck to all who do Happy New Year Everyone