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Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

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Mar 07, 2011 : This removes anything from my white walls INCLUDING, red lipstick, marker, crayon and those dirty …

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Books to Inspire Budding Readers

on Mar 17, 2011: The Junior Critter's Series is my favorite. Although I love Little Critter's, too, it is for smaller children.
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Why Do We Treat Pets Like People?

on Mar 17, 2011: I look at it as; They give us so much joy, unconditional love, protection and compannionship WHY not spoil them, give them all natural foods (mine eat EVO) and let them sleep in your bed! My Yorkie and Min Pin are just like one of my children! When we travel we always try to also take our dogs…
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Parenting Without A Paddle

on May 30, 2008: My oldest is 26 and my youngest is 7 (total of 7 children). I never beat my older kids but they got swats on the bottoms for things that could really hurt them, like playing with outlets or running away from me in a parking lot ect. Since all these "laws and Child research" I must say my younge…
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