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Kirkland Solid White Albacore Tune

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Campbell's Chunky New England Clam Chowder

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For the Love of Quinoa

on Sep 19, 2011: I've never heard of quinoa before, but I'm interested. What does it taste like and what is the texture like?

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Will E-books Equal Bare Bookshelves Some Day?

on Sep 18, 2011: If you had asked me if ebooks would replace paper books a year ago I'd have said no way. Today, though, I'd have to say there is a real possibility that one day paper books will go the way of records and cassette tapes. My husband bought me a Kindle for my birthday this year and I am head over h…

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Need a New Fragrance For Fall?

on Sep 18, 2011: I have to add a vote for Twilight Woods too. I get compliments and my hubby loves it too.