Refrigerator Oatmeal


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    8 Hrs
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    8 Hrs
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Refrigerator Oatmeal

Makes: 1 serving

Description: My go-to healthy breakfast is refrigerator oatmeal. I love it because it's a combination of greek yogurt and steel cut oats that is just delicious. I'm not a big fan of oatmeal, but this is just yummy. The oats make sure it really fills you up, and is nutritious. I was just preparing a couple of days worth and wanted to share my "recipe".

1/3 cup  steel cut oats
1/3 cup  greek yogurt
1/3 cup  almond milk
1/2 cup  strawberries or blueberries (optional)

Instructions: Put all ingredients into a container and stir.

Leave it in a container overnight for a ready-made, healthy breakfast or snack. I usually make up to 5 days worth at a time.

It is simple to make and so tasty!

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