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  • Black Beans with Scrambled Tofu

    Black Beans with Scrambled Tofu

    By  87rbbjef
    This tastes like McDonald's. Black goya beans cooked stovetop. Add beans to pot with oil (about 1-3 tbsps) and also pour in some (1/3 cup the least) tofu that has been veganized egg style (turmeric added). Then, when heated or boiling a little, serve in a cup rather than plate for easy eating! W…
  • Coconut Milk & Shrimp

    Coconut Milk & Shrimp

    By  87rbbjef
    Shrimp salad (from shoprite) and coconut milk making crevette coco.
  • Maple bacon ice cream

    Maple bacon ice cream

    By  87rbbjef
    Friendly's maple walnut ice cream is attached to my mother at the hip. I don't touch the stuff, so I decided, why not add bacon? The brand is Gwaltney Beef Bacon.