popchips Potato Chips

popchips Potato Chips

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I've tried the flavors Sea Salt and Crazy Hot. I love how They are not deep dried, No added preservatives, No artificial flavors, No synthetic colors, No cholesterol, 0 grams trans fat, Gluten free, Vegan free. The Sea Salt popchips taste to me almost like the LAY'S STAX Potato Chips Original Flavor. They have just the right amount of salt to them. These chips would taste great with bean dips or even guacamole. The Crazy Hot popchips are okay. They are not even hot to me. They have a spice to it than hotness. The flavor is okay, my only con is that I don't like the after taste of it. It has a paprika after taste to me which I kind of do not enjoy.

Very light and thin! I have yet to try all of the other flavors.

Great flavor, nice crunch & like that they taste like potatoes and aren't overly salted. Great snack

These are pretty good! This has a nice texture and I like the BBQ flavor that they have! :]

I think the concept is great but the flavor wasnt there for me. It had a wierd taste and was not a huge fan.

They have the crunch you crave while having a great flavor as well.

Perfect snack when I am trying to watch my weight. Perfect for on the go.

A little too dry and crunchy for my liking but I know many people who love them

I recently received a sample of these Pop Chips in my Love with Food box and I cannot get enough of them!!! There is no need to eat regular potato chips, ever again. They are delicious and so light and airy! I don't feel guilty after eating them as I would eating normal potato chips. I'm so thrilled this option is out there :)

I love these chips. They're more substantial than regular chips and it's easy to portion them so you have a nice serving size that doesn't break the calorie budget for the day. I saw these mentioned on a Weight Watcher's forum and I'm so glad that I tried them.

Great snack! I tried the sour cream and onion and couldn't stop eating them! Can't wait to try the other flavors.

I actually love these chips. My fave so far is the bbq and my least fave is sea salt and vinegar, although my best friend loves that one. I can't wait to taste the other flavors.

These are perfect for a light snack. My personal fave is the Sour Cream and Onion. To some people, this product might take a little getting used to in terms of acquiring a taste for it, but they aren't half bad. They are supposed to be better for you than your standard potato chip, but to say the least, they satisfy a hunger for a light snack.

i cant stop eating these chips! thats what i have to say lol

These crunchy chips are outrageously addictive! The BBQ flavor is by far my favorite but the plain ones are good too. Excellent paired with a sandwich.