What kind of summer vacation are you taking this year?

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Where are you going?

Amusement park (15.3%)

City vacation (11.1%)

Beach vacation (28.7%)

International (3.8%)

National Park/camping (19.3%)

Visit family members (24.0%)

Staycation (24.9%)

Other (leave a comment) (6.7%)

No summer vacation for me (11.5%)

What kind of summer vacation are you taking this year?</br></br>Vote by midnight on June 7 to win a $25 Amazon gift card!
  • kikiL1771 By kikiL1771
    on Jun 03, 2015  

    We're going to go look at the waterfalls that are all around the northern part of our state, then travel north to Lake Superior and see it for the first time.

  • cheryllo By cheryllo
    on Jun 03, 2015  

    No vacation for me. We haven't been on a vacation since 1997. Looking forward to the day we can again.

  • elph71 By elph71
    on Jun 03, 2015  

    I'm probably going to be moving about two hundred miles north. Does that count?

  • flgirl1987 By flgirl1987
    on Jun 03, 2015  

    My sister and I are visiting Sofia, Bulgaria and Istanbul, Turkey. So excited!

  • camelot By camelot
    on Jun 03, 2015  

    planning to go to Iceland if my daughter can get time from work

  • rubydreamer By rubydreamer
    on Jun 03, 2015  

    we haven't vacationed in many years, due to running a farm, and can't be away because there is work to do every day. We would LOVE a vacation if we could!

  • AugustRye By AugustRye
    on Jun 03, 2015  

    None for me here. Will have to do it on days off to do something with the kiddos. If we get this house with a pool, it will be worth it. They will be happy

  • queentracey By queentracey
    on Jun 03, 2015  

    We have never been any were or to any kind of camping amusement park, we just have a camping spot up in the northern maine woods we go to , bout 2 hours drive and that is what we do for a summer vacation.

  • pcangel By pcangel
    on Jun 03, 2015  

    Love the beach but can't go.Haven'been away since Va Beach in 2008

  • brekia By brekia
    on Jun 03, 2015  

    I am going on my 1st cruise and it is to the Bahamas. I can't wait. I get to see my good friend get married and sail at the same time.