What social media networks do you use? (check all that apply)

Which networks do you use the most?  What are your main reasons for using these networks?  Do you use different networks for your personal and professional life?


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FourSquare (4.0%)

Twitter (29.3%)

LinkedIn (13.5%)

Facebook (93.8%)

Blogging Platforms (Wordpress, Tumblr,... etc.) (14.4%)

MySpace (15.5%)

Stumble (3.6%)

Digg (2.0%)

Yahoo (33.6%)

Google (33.6%)

Microsoft Live messenger (7.8%)

AOL (10.4%)

Orkut (0.2%)

Other (5.8%)

What social media networks do you use? (check all that apply)
  • sher60 By sher60
    on Mar 04, 2011  

    Once I figured out what Facebook was all about I was hooked! I connect with old and new friends, enter competitions, play games, keep up with what's happening with stores and products I like for freebies/samples/coupons/promotions. Best of all I can chat with my kids and friends and send them messages without having to email them. I spend most of my online time on Facebook hence I don't have time for Twitter or any other social media sites. One of these day's I'll have to make time to find out what Twitter is all about. I also like YouTube for watching my favorite British soap opera (Eastenders) and other favorite British shows I can't watch a regular TV. Isn't the internet GREAT?!!!!

  • jsoohoo By jsoohoo
    on Mar 04, 2011  

    Only on Facebook to check up on what my teen daughter is up to. Spending too much time on it is what she's doing :(

  • trisonik By trisonik
    on Mar 05, 2011  

    I use Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo & Gather

  • donnabridgette By donnabridgette
    on Mar 05, 2011  

    I mostly use facebook because I have most of my friends on there.

  • Kathyp11 By Kathyp11
    on Mar 05, 2011  

    I use facebook everyday to keep up on family and friends activities. I love it.

  • voyager1 By voyager1
    on Mar 05, 2011  

    I love Facebook, just can't get enough of Frontierville!

  • grandmasandy By grandmasandy
    on Mar 05, 2011  

    I want it quick and easy and this seems to do it.

  • kentina222 By kentina222
    on Mar 05, 2011  

    I love Facebook! I check in with friends and family daily. I also have a slight addiction to Bejeweled Blitz! I have to log on every morning before work and play for about 10 minutes to get my brain in gear. I love to check out new videos and search for friends and favorite authors. Facebook is the place to be!

  • lruher By lruher
    on Mar 06, 2011  

    I use facebook, but haven't used it for coupons yet. I wasn't suprised to see it so popular, even my grandma has a facebook!

  • Chris14 By Chris14
    on Mar 06, 2011  

    I see im not the only one that loves facebook