What social media networks do you use? (check all that apply)

Which networks do you use the most?  What are your main reasons for using these networks?  Do you use different networks for your personal and professional life?


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FourSquare (4.0%)

Twitter (29.3%)

LinkedIn (13.5%)

Facebook (93.8%)

Blogging Platforms (Wordpress, Tumblr,... etc.) (14.4%)

MySpace (15.5%)

Stumble (3.6%)

Digg (2.0%)

Yahoo (33.6%)

Google (33.6%)

Microsoft Live messenger (7.8%)

AOL (10.4%)

Orkut (0.2%)

Other (5.8%)

What social media networks do you use? (check all that apply)
  • pennykid By pennykid
    on Mar 03, 2011  

    I spend a lot of time on facebook. I love that I've been able to find and connect with old friends and some family members. I'm also on linkedin, but I don't use it much.

  • redeemd By redeemd
    on Mar 03, 2011  

    I love FB.. I'm on it everyday and sometimes feel like I can't live without it. I've tried to go a day or two without and just could not. I also found out through FB, that my boyfriend of 1 year was cheating on me.... SMH, oh the joys of FaceBook..

  • Marsha47 By Marsha47
    on Mar 03, 2011  

    I'm on facebook, to Socialize with friends and family and share things that I like and believe in. I LOVE the games they have there to play, like: Farmville, Cafe World, UNO, Family Fued, Mafia Wars, Etc,.. I used to be on My Space and it got too young for me and troublesome. People didn't care who or how they hurt others. IF It gets like that on Facebook, I WILL close that account too. I only need one Social Network at a time.

  • kdmmertz By kdmmertz
    on Mar 03, 2011  

    As much as I hate to admit it, Facebook is a good place to access just just about everything that I care about. I can keep in touch with family and friends, keep tabs on my tween daughter's activities and friends, play games with my kids, access news and other information about causes I care about, and find great deals through blogs I follow. My biggest qualm about Facebook is that they keep changing their privacy policies and settings, thus making it more confusing and complicated to keep certain information private. I feel like everytime I think I have my information locked down, another update resets it all and releases it to the masses again. It's very frustrating.

  • zippychick By zippychick
    on Mar 03, 2011  

    I enjoy Facebook but the past week have become kinda bored with it! It can be addictive, and as I am also a busy working gal, wife and mom, and also take online classes, I really don't have the time to stay on for long. But the site has just kinda lost some of its appeal to me as well. I may check in every couple of days here lately....

  • justrelaxing By justrelaxing
    on Mar 03, 2011  

    crazzy how so many use fb to socialize

  • lystra By lystra
    on Mar 03, 2011  

    I love connecting with my family and friends overseas.especially when there are new members in the family like the birth of a new baby.

  • kenyainms By kenyainms
    on Mar 04, 2011  

    Im not sure how to use Twitter but facebook was an easy way to connect with my friends back home.

  • mommyboylan By mommyboylan
    on Mar 04, 2011  

    I really enjoy using facebook, its great to find friends and family that you have lost touch with over the years.

  • Magic46 By Magic46
    on Mar 04, 2011  

    I use Facebook mainly to reconnect with friends from the past and also for great deals I find time to time (coupons, promotions, etc)