Which activity on social networking websites is most important to you? (i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace)

The media seems to increasingly mention online social networking as a revolutionary way to make and keep friends. Most of us have probably received an email invitation to view a photo album, update your profile or see someone's personal web page. Perhaps you enjoy crafting your own page online and sharing with friends and family to keep them involved in your life. But will this form of contact truly widen our networks of friends or does it simply make us better at maintaining the relationships we have already.

We now have a reliable way to keep track of baby's birthday photos, friends that change jobs and the latest in our hobby and interest groups - are they really a major part of all of our lives?

There is now such a variety of online tools for connecting with contacts and relationships - which activity do you find most useful for your lifestyle? How long do you spend checking these sites in an average week?

Finding a new job (8.7%)

Finding a boyfriend/love interest (1.6%)

Keeping in touch with my current friends (67.8%)

Making new friends who have common interests (22.0%)

Which activity on social networking websites is most important to you? (i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace)
  • mayamonet By mayamonet
    on Nov 02, 2007  

    As your family grows we all become so busy. Thankfully their is social networking websites that we can visit to keep in touch and check out pics. I believe I actually keep in better contact that way then a quick phone conversation here and there.

  • auntdeborah By auntdeborah
    on Nov 02, 2007  

    Keep in touch with family across the state and country,as well as life long friends.

  • clover0317 By clover0317
    on Nov 04, 2007  

    Being in the military and moving around so much, MySpace makes it really easy to keep in touch with all my friends from home and abroad! I have a very busy life between a toddler, working full-time and school full-time, so this makes it a little easier!

  • bcoceo85 By bcoceo85
    on Nov 06, 2007  

    I love myspace cause its a great way to stay in touch with friends...I have also found some old classmates. Its wonderful to see how every one is doin and to see pics of their families.

  • motostar By motostar
    on Nov 06, 2007  

    I rarely check my MySpace page, only because I usually just call my friends to keep track of what's going on.

  • kaleshia27 By kaleshia27
    on Nov 07, 2007  

    I like myspace to keep in touch with my friends and long distance families.

  • kelkel5406 By kelkel5406
    on Nov 07, 2007  

    i have no comment