What does trying to eat well mean to you?

One of the things that seem to get more difficult as you age, and get busier with work and kids, is the task of making sure you get the nutrition you need (feeding the kids is a whole other topic).

In some cases our own upbringing may have set us up with good eating habits and awareness, but in other cases we may have been on our own with it for decades, and are doing the best we can in continuing to learn and choose wisely.

In my early twenties, beer was a food group; in my thirties I started to make more (probably too much) pasta; and now I am heavily influenced by the farmer's markets and very healthy eaters who are my neighbors in Vermont. So, finally - I'm getting there.

What about you?

Totally eliminating certain foods|I've got to go cold turkey on some things (10.7%)

Portion control|I've been amazed at how well this works (46.0%)

Adding in more fruits and veggies|Summer has made this very easy (34.0%)

Mainly, drinking more water|It really does keep my hunger in control, so I don't' have to change my diet too much otherwise (9.3%)

What does trying to eat…
  • Mema By Mema
    on Jul 21, 2008  

    This is the era of fast food plus the desire to eat nutricious things. Why are we too lazy to make our lunches or put more time into cooking lite? Eating the right foods means creating menus using more fruits and vegetables. More fish & more natural products. Make snacks for kids with trail mix & fruit. Choose a natural pie recipe instead of cake. More grilled meat & veg.