What social media networks do you use? (check all that apply)

Which networks do you use the most?  What are your main reasons for using these networks?  Do you use different networks for your personal and professional life?


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FourSquare (4.0%)

Twitter (29.3%)

LinkedIn (13.5%)

Facebook (93.8%)

Blogging Platforms (Wordpress, Tumblr,... etc.) (14.4%)

MySpace (15.5%)

Stumble (3.6%)

Digg (2.0%)

Yahoo (33.6%)

Google (33.6%)

Microsoft Live messenger (7.8%)

AOL (10.4%)

Orkut (0.2%)

Other (5.8%)

What social media networks do you use? (check all that apply)
  • girl17 By girl17
    on Mar 02, 2011  

    I use Facebook mostly but also Skype regularly with friends and family.

  • holley617 By holley617
    on Mar 02, 2011  

    I use twitter for coupons and deals exclusively, I use my face book account for coupons and deals too but also to help connect with family and friends.

  • skaycclark By skaycclark
    on Mar 02, 2011  

    I'm not a very active poster, but I probably visit Facebook at least once a day just to see what's happening with my friends. I'm more likely to check and post on both FB and Twitter now that I have an iPhone ... it's too easy!

  • cdgregory2009 By cdgregory2009
    on Mar 02, 2011  

    Facebook is my guilty pleasure. I started just to share pics with my family. Those who are bad a sharing, can post them on line and I can download them myself. However, Facebook can be a huge waste of time if you get sucked in to the games and surveys. Also, since everyone uses it, you may get friend requests from people you have no interest in getting back in touch with. Conversely you can get reacquainted with people you've lost track of. :-)

  • elicabeta By elicabeta
    on Mar 02, 2011  

    Haha, I see Facebook is REALLY popular. I'm surprised Twitter is running behind at 4th place considering its popularity almost at par with Facebook. I really don't understand the hype of Twitter so I'm glad to see the results here show that I'm not alone in thinking that. I'm just a bit surprised that Google and Yahoo won over Twitter. I could understand Google considering their popular G-chat and Voice feature.

  • elicabeta By elicabeta
    on Mar 02, 2011  

    Whoops, I went off-topic. I use Facebook the most for my personal life (e.g. keeping in touch with friends both old and new, entering Facebook-only sweepstakes and promos, etc.). The next most used would probably Twitter and I only use it to enter sweepstakes and such, nothing else. I know people who use LinkedIn for professional purposes, but I don't use it. I think LinkedIn is probably for people in certain professions. Do recruiters/employers really check that place to look for employees? Third place for me would be chatting features like G-Chat, AOL AIM, Microsoft Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger. The top two would be AOL AIM and G-Chat, but mostly G-Chat because it's already logged in when I check my e-mail (no need to install other software and fuss with logging in).

  • KatJr7 By KatJr7
    on Mar 02, 2011  

    I only use Facebook I have yahoo but don't use it that much with a bizzie life that I do have...

  • kwikfix26 By kwikfix26
    on Mar 03, 2011  

    WOW, check out FB running the lead! My husband and I call FB the "newspaper", you can catch up on the drama and your friends daily activities. However, I am honestly getting tired/bored with FB...

  • summertime_cutie By summertime_cutie
    on Mar 03, 2011  

    I'm on facebook everyday! Its how I stay connected with Family and friends. I'm pregnant with my first child so its a great way to keep everyone updated at 1 time.

  • sweetsiren By sweetsiren
    on Mar 03, 2011  

    I use Facebook mainly for my friends and family, but then my blog and twitter are usually more geared towards coupons, deals, and things of that nature.