Do you follow a vegan diet?

Veganism - have you tried it?

Yes, no animal products for me! (9.5%)

No, I follow a vegetarian diet. (12.2%)

No, I follow a pescatarian diet. (9.5%)

I've tried veganism in the past. (17.6%)

None of the above! (56.7%)

Do you follow a vegan diet?
  • ToBeHonest By ToBeHonest
    on Sep 25, 2021  

    Being a vegan takes a lot of determination, it is really hard. my husband and I after watching a documentary in a popular streaming service decided we where never eat animal or anything that comes from it, this included stuff like sugar, honey, etc. to name some. This is a very healthy and hard life style but if you are determined and put your mind into it you can do it. we only lasted 3 months but we where proud Vegans in the meantime.

  • Hancock570 By Hancock570
    on Sep 27, 2021  

    I have always ate at least a little meat 

  • Nonblond By Nonblond
    on Oct 01, 2021  

    I eat a small amount of meat and I really need to eat healthier but seem to gravitate to unhealthy.

  • Cookiemonster1010 By Cookiemonster1010
    on Oct 02, 2021  

    I eat meat almost every meal

  • Crystal77 By Crystal77
    on Oct 05, 2021  

    Can't live without meat!