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What do you love about Halloween?

What are your favorite Halloween traditions?

Making costumes for yourself and/or your kids (18.2%)

Candy (39.5%)

Going trick or treating with your kids/friends (34.9%)

Decorating your house and/or going to haunted houses (46.9%)

Picking out and carving pumpkins (21.3%)

Other (leave a comment) (7.6%)

I'm not a fan of Halloween (7.6%)

What do you love about Halloween?
  • Autumnkat By Autumnkat
    on Oct 30, 2019  

    Halloween was fun when my daughter was a kid. It was her favorite holiday (still is). I don't do anything about Halloween anymore.

  • Justmissash By Justmissash
    on Oct 30, 2019  

    All of the above! We love Halloween! Its one of our favorite times of the year

  • janiea By janiea
    on Oct 30, 2019  

    Fall festivals!!!

  • Goldshadow By Goldshadow
    on Oct 30, 2019  

    Halloween is seeing & hearing the kids, all dressed up, excitedly waiting for their goodies. I open the door, the feel & smell of fall is in the air, & there they are, adorable little ones, experiencing Halloween joy. Makes me feel young again with every doorbell ring.

  • Deligirl By Deligirl
    on Oct 30, 2019  

    I have 2 children with birthdays on October 29, one turned 41 and the other 27. So this makes Halloween extra special for me, growing up I always had them a Halloween themed birthday. Very special holiday for us!!

  • rolliepollie By rolliepollie
    on Oct 31, 2019  

    I don't do Halloween. Don't care what others do though. Long as they leave me alone. The only thing that upsets me is when people talk down to me for not wanting to have anything to do with Halloween. Our church is having a Halloween Party (which I disagree with). They do not call it that but basically that is what it is and it is tonight. I have had things said to me because I do not want to participate. I just don't think it is right to make comments degrading someone who does not want to participate in a holiday for what ever reason. Just my opinion. And as I already stated I don't say anything to any one who does participate in what ever way they want to. :D