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What have been your favorite ways to relax this summer?


Cuddling up with a good book (51.1%)

Grilling with friends or family (51.1%)

Stargazing (32.5%)

A day at the pool or beach (60.5%)

Anything active (biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, etc.) (27.8%)

Camping (11.6%)

Hanging out anywhere with air conditioning! (51.1%)

Other (leave a comment) (4.7%)

What have been your favorite ways to relax this summer?
  • JoselynegGuzman09 By JoselynegGuzman09
    on Aug 02, 2019  

    With two little one, i barely have time to relax, so i started to take some time to go with my kids to the pool, and that way us 3 have a relax and entertaining day.

  • Midlifeswag By Midlifeswag
    on Aug 03, 2019  

    Gardening, I find it very meditating.

  • Msmizmo By Msmizmo
    on Aug 05, 2019  

    Took a trip to Cabo, Mexico and it was so relaxing. It was slow season there, which is the way I like it, don't have to deal with crowds,..... Food was excellent and so were the drinks by the pool. Got a nice tan as well.

  • LAGirl70444 By LAGirl70444
    on Aug 05, 2019  

    Live close to the Gulf Coast, so every 6 weeks, I drive over (2 hours) to unwind and take some time for myself. Love the Golden Nugget-always a great experience