SHESPEAKS Your Power to Influence

For our #12DaysOfSheSpeaks Giveaway in Dec., we will donate $1 for every entry, up to $1,000. Which charity is your choice to receive our donation?

Click on each charity for more info.

  • JustMissAsh By JustMissAsh
    on Oct 24, 2018  

    Education is more important to me. Especially for those with challenges.

  • vijayendra By vijayendra
    on Oct 25, 2018  

    I think donation is good way to help those helpless people.

  • akaMonty By akaMonty
    on Oct 25, 2018  

    It's a tough choice - all of these are worthy charities. I would rather that @SheSpeaks would donate equally to all of those. Of course my pet charities are for Feed The Children, Habitat for Humanity, and United Cerebral Palsy.

  • VickiCoffey By VickiCoffey
    on Oct 26, 2018  

    All these are terrific charities!!! That being said, animals are helpless and unable to help themselves. They are used, abused, bred and tossed away like a old shoe--most are just released to fend for themselves. I wish everyone would spend one day at a local shelter to see how sad and lonely these poor babies are. A lot of the other charities receive government assistance and or have numerous charities to help them out. Thank you for allowing animals to be included here! 🐾💔

  • SoulVibeSister By SoulVibeSister
    on Oct 26, 2018  

    Refuge of Light and For the Silent both are non profit organizations that help young woman/woman who have been commercial and exploited in sex human trafficking in Texas.

  • CinFLA By CinFLA
    on Oct 27, 2018  

    Direct disaster relief

  • jintoki By jintoki
    on Oct 28, 2018  

    I put education first, but these are all great causes to support.

  • stef42678 By stef42678
    on Oct 29, 2018  

    Conservation and the environment is most important to me.

  • browneyes78 By browneyes78
    on Oct 29, 2018  

    Animal love here. They are so defenseless and ppl can be so mean. I think penalties should be harsher. Please give your ASPCA. ❤

  • avintagegypsy By avintagegypsy
    on Oct 29, 2018  

    There are so many worthy causes and charities that are all so deserving of our support and alliance. I am so passionate about raising awareness about mental health and promoting funding for education to secure our kid's future. #12DaysOfSheSpeaks