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A company in Seattle makes "comfort food-flavored" candy canes. Which would you want to try this holiday season?

Are you a candy-cane fan? What flavors do you enjoy?

Mac-and-cheese candy canes (7.6%)

Clam candy canes (0.0%)

Bacon candy canes (15.5%)

Pickle candy canes (3.8%)

Rotisserie chicken candy canes (3.8%)

No, thanks. None of the above! (76.9%)

A company in Seattle makes
  • FaunaD By FaunaD
    on Oct 01, 2018  

    Wow, I can't get over that all of these food flavors have a huge texture profile. Candy canes are one of the weirdest textures anyway..there is nothing similar to it that isn't candy lol. So I think that in itself is just too much for my brain and tongue to come together and enjoy lol. I was thinking maybe bacon..but bacon is so crispy and chewy..then I thought pickle because of the crunch...but then I'm not a huge fan of pickles! But that would be the one I would hesitantly try.

  • faeriekitty By faeriekitty
    on Oct 01, 2018  

    I've had bacon flavored mints. They are so disgusting.

  • crisss By crisss
    on Oct 01, 2018  

    I like sweet candy canes, no way would I try any of these.

  • Justmissash By Justmissash
    on Oct 02, 2018  

    I love the original and chocolate mint and some of the other fruity flavors but this is too much! But I'm sure some people will buy them.