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When something breaks in your home, what do you do first?

What have you been able to fix in your home?

I try to fix it (65.6%)

I call my spouse/partner (31.5%)

I call a handy friend or family member (0.0%)

I call a professional (2.9%)

When something breaks in your home, what do you do first?
  • Tessaconklin By Tessaconklin
    on Aug 24, 2018  

    I like being able to do things on my own.

  • TripleC44 By TripleC44
    on Aug 24, 2018  

    I like fixing or trying to fix things. It's fun .

  • cshbbygirl2 By cshbbygirl2
    on Aug 25, 2018  

    I always try to fix it on my own. I usually know how to and what I'm doing since I used to rehab houses and work in construction. I do ask for help from my husband from time to time though if I find it's taking too long or if I'm just too busy that day, but yes most often I do it all by myself because I believe now a days that with the way these kids are growing up they don't know how to do anything and need to be hands on. So it's not only for me, but also so my children can learn too. I try to make it as fun a lesson as possible so they don't get bored with the task in .02 seconds and want to go back to their video games or whatever the next big thing is. If not I'll see these all over their socials #lifesucks #mommademedoit #imsobored #omg! etcetera. Lol😁

  • Neen215 By Neen215
    on Aug 25, 2018  

    First I'll try and fix it on my own. Usually I'm pretty good with stuff like that. If for some reason I can't handle the task at hand, that's when I call my hubby in to save the day! He's the handiest handyman of all! ♡