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When you go on vacation, do you post your photos on social media?


Yes, I post tons of vacation photos on social (30.0%)

I post a couple of photos, but not many (57.5%)

No, I prefer to keep my photos private (12.5%)

When you go on vacation, do you post your photos on social media?
  • JanuaryGrayz By JanuaryGrayz
    on Jun 27, 2018  

    I only post a few, and only after we've returned from vacation, and no personal photos of the family. Just scenery and such.

  • Pepperell By Pepperell
    on Jun 27, 2018  

    Whenever my mother and I have no issues with money and get a chance to go on a vacation, we would take pictures and I would post them on our social media accounts.

  • Butterflyqw33n89 By Butterflyqw33n89
    on Jun 27, 2018  

    I take a ton of pictures while on vacation. When I come back I go thru hundreds of them deleting the dreadful, blurry and multiples. Then I post some no more than 10 pics to one or two of my social media accounts.

  • irishmaiden67 By irishmaiden67
    on Jun 28, 2018  

    When I travel, I post lots of pictures to social media, mostly Facebook. I make sure I dont flood it, i did that at one time...oops! My Facebook people have told me to keep posting, they love to see my latest trips and kind of live thru my pics. I have the best friends and family!!!

  • stef42678 By stef42678
    on Jun 28, 2018  

    I usually post a few photos and then post more when I get back from vacation.

  • reidsrd By reidsrd
    on Jun 29, 2018  

    I post a few photos but enjoy being away from social media as much as possible on vacation.

  • Catherinej90 By Catherinej90
    on Jun 30, 2018  

    when I take my vacations I always go see my family down in Florida, I absolutely love taking pictures with them and sharing them on my social media!