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Do you spoil your pet?

How have you spoiled your pets?

Yes, I'm happy to! (53.6%)

Sometimes I do, but I not always (17.8%)

No I don't spoil him/her (7.1%)

I don't have a pet (21.5%)

Do you spoil your pet?
  • laizahill By laizahill
    on Apr 06, 2018  

    My dogs are spoiled ! hahaha

  • Monquie By Monquie
    on Apr 06, 2018  

    Yes I do

  • Pawsativelypurrfect By Pawsativelypurrfect
    on Apr 08, 2018  

    I definitely spoil my 2 dogs. They get the whole bed and I barely get the edge. I talk to them like their my kids. I even carry my littlest one to the grass when it's raining

  • LIChevyMetsGrrl By LIChevyMetsGrrl
    on Apr 09, 2018  

    My dogs have their own beds in several rooms in my house... and a tent outside so they don't have to pee in the rain. Yeah, I'd say their furry butts are spoiled! Lol