What are your New Year's Resolution(s)?

 What are you doing to make sure you keep your resolution?

Lose weight (54.2%)

Get organized (40.2%)

Stop smoking (10.9%)

Spend less/Save more money (35.5%)

Learn something new (27.5%)

Spend more time with family (23.1%)

Other (14.5%)

No resolutions for me! (15.8%)

What are your New Year's Resolution(s)?
  • Wanda78 By Wanda78
    on Jan 02, 2012  

    Trying to drink more water, watching what I eat, finding ways to reduce stress.

  • Angie86 By Angie86
    on Jan 02, 2012  

    Focus on fufilling my career dreams and spend more time with the people I care about.

  • debbi56 By debbi56
    on Jan 02, 2012  

    My selection other, was because there was no option for all of the above. (except smoking) I don't smoke but the others all apply to my life.

  • cmh2036 By cmh2036
    on Jan 02, 2012  

    Every year I make one and I fail at some point during the year. This year my new year's resulotion is to never have a new year's resolution again. I am skipping the negativity of failure and I'm going to embrace every positive change as a bonus. I think I finally found one I can stick with for the whole year! Good luck with yours everyone!

  • MyEmptyCanvas By MyEmptyCanvas
    on Jan 02, 2012  

    I have the same resolution as I did last year, I accomplished that - now to turn it up a notch or 2... kicking it into overdrive this year :-D

  • mardel By mardel
    on Jan 03, 2012  

    losing weight is always on my top resolution list but good health is my main focus.

  • berned_you By berned_you
    on Jan 03, 2012  

    My resolution is to drink more antioxidant rich tea

  • YogaMumma By YogaMumma
    on Jan 03, 2012  

    Mine is simply to MOVE more. Whether I take a walk, dance, clean, or do yoga, as I've gotten older I find myself spending more time on the couch with my laptop or a book...so I resolve to Keep Moving.

  • Gin257 By Gin257
    on Jan 03, 2012  

    I just plan to be a little more frugal in general, but have been doing this the past few months. I also plan to drink more good wine. Otherwise no resolutions!

  • jenndta69 By jenndta69
    on Jan 03, 2012  

    I already started losing weight before the holidays. Now they are over and I'm ready to shed the rest! :)