December is the most popular month for wedding proposals. How would you describe your wedding proposal?

 How were you proposed to? Or did you do the proposing?

Romantic (25.3%)

Fun (16.5%)

Sweet (34.0%)

Dramatic (3.1%)

Thoughtful (17.1%)

Cheesy (5.1%)

Long-overdue (11.3%)

Boring - it could have been better! (20.2%)

December is the most popular month for wedding proposals. How would you describe your wedding proposal?
  • jofer36 By jofer36
    on Dec 12, 2011  

    Marriage is a piece of legal paper. Love is under God.

  • ewebb10385 By ewebb10385
    on Dec 12, 2011  

    At the time it worked but, a more memorable moment would have been nice to look back on!

  • kalves By kalves
    on Dec 12, 2011  

    My husband proposed on the one year anniversary of my fathers passing. we were in central park as we walked in the rain he turned & handed me a card saying not to read it until he told me to. He said he had a surprise and would be right back. i stood in the rain in central park for what seemed like an enternity (i am very impatient). he finally called, just as i began to convince myself he was dumping me, saying read the card, inside he wrote things, like "i know this will always be a difficult day for you but i hope i can make it a little less sad" and that "he would always be my knight in shining armor." as i looked up i saw a man in a real suit of armor riding on the most beautiful white horse. I was certain they were filming man of lamancha in the park, but then i realized as he approached got off the horse got down on bended knee and proposed it was my man. It was magical and a moment i will never forget even after almost 10 years.

  • Danielinha By Danielinha
    on Dec 12, 2011  

    He proposed over the phone, once that we had a over the ocean relationship. But when he came down to South America for the engagement party he called my mother and father and ask permition to marry me. He had beautiful words to say that will be with me forever.

  • MrsA2012 By MrsA2012
    on Dec 12, 2011  

    My fiance....soon to be my husband (1/22/12) proposed to me at Walt Disney World, (my most favorite place) at the Crystal Palace (12/23), in front of an entire resturant full of people, it was the Greatest Moment in my life, and I had no clue this was being planned behind my back! He also had the manager video tape the whole thing so we will be able to have that memory forever and even be able to show it to our kids someday.......

  • vgamier By vgamier
    on Dec 13, 2011  

    It was sweet - He proposed when we were getting ready to leave for Christmas Eve mass in 1999 so I'd be able to show everyone that evening. My sister screamed in church when she saw the ring :)

  • katen21 By katen21
    on Dec 13, 2011  

    Such sweet proposals! My husband & I were very young when we he asked me to marry him. We were still in our hometown at the time (we had just graduated high school) & having had dinner at our favorite restaurant & gone for a nice moonlit walk on the beach & looked for sea turtle eggs to see he stopped me gave me a giant hug & slipped the ring on my finger & asked me to marry him & follow him where ever he goes as he'll follow could I say no to that?! 13 years later here we are... :)

  • jreed0811 By jreed0811
    on Dec 13, 2011  

    My husband shocked me by proposing in an OUTBACK restaurant on the 4th of July. I could not have been more surprized as we had not spoken of marriage (after 20 years of togetherness---so there is hope for some). He seemed edgy that day-and it was God awful hot in Orlando--so when he said "lets go out for dinner-somewhere nice" I was like--"OUTBACK"--are you nuts-on the 4th?? Then he pulled out a ring and I morphed into stunned silenced...