How do you plan to celebrate the 4th of July weekend?

What are your favorite Independence Day traditions?  When was your best Independence Day and why?  SheSpeaks would love to hear your story!

This year, I am celebrating at home (55.1%)

I will travel a short distance from home (25.5%)

I will travel a long distance from home (3.5%)

I don't have any plans yet (14.4%)

Other (please specify) (1.6%)

How do you plan to celebrate the 4th of July weekend?
  • lauralee By lauralee
    on Jul 01, 2011  

    I long for the days of summer growing up. We belonged to a summer club and would picnic overlooking LI Sound and then stay for the fireworks. I could run around with all my summer friends and lots of freedom!

  • RadioGirl87 By RadioGirl87
    on Jul 01, 2011  

    We don't have any plans yet. I have to work Monday night... so anything we do will have to be done Saturday, Sunday or Monday during the day. I won't get to spend this holiday with my side of the family because they're 4 1/2 hours away.

  • idevasir By idevasir
    on Jul 01, 2011  

    I just plan on staying home and relaxing.

  • lekhamary By lekhamary
    on Jul 01, 2011  

    I plan on going to a friend's house and then the whole family will go to the beach. I can't wait!!

  • voyager1 By voyager1
    on Jul 02, 2011  

    My family and I are just planning to hang out together at home and grill!

  • ladyhawk By ladyhawk
    on Jul 03, 2011  

    Just chillin at home.Between the price of gas and food it makes more sense.The plus side to all this is is makes you focus on what is!

  • deejaycee By deejaycee
    on Jul 03, 2011  

    I had my family & some friends over this evening for food & fellowship rahter than tomorrow. Had planned on saome outdoor games, horseshoes, Corn Hole, Ladder Toss, however at 90* noone was really up for that so we stayed in the AC. Some went on to the fireworks display that Charleston put on at 945 on the riverbank!

  • mastrogm By mastrogm
    on Jul 03, 2011  

    Taking it easy but will have lobster which our local Lions Club sells each July 4th. It has become a tradition. Then we will go to our parade and flag ceremony and maybe the usual concert. Probably will not stay for the fire works but come home and watch the concert in Washington and fire works on TV!!

  • BeautyByRivera By BeautyByRivera
    on Jul 04, 2011  

    By my house there are vendors and a fire works show at the bank Atlantic center so we will go there. It's 7 minutes away by car.

  • Britnev By Britnev
    on Jul 04, 2011  

    Hubby had to work today so it will be another night in. We are doing the grill thing for dinner. Since it is the two of us we don't do much for this holiday. We will probably hear fireworks throughout the night as we are close to the beach where the festivities are going on starting now.