What social media networks do you use? (check all that apply)

Which networks do you use the most?  What are your main reasons for using these networks?  Do you use different networks for your personal and professional life?


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FourSquare (4.0%)

Twitter (29.3%)

LinkedIn (13.5%)

Facebook (93.8%)

Blogging Platforms (Wordpress, Tumblr,... etc.) (14.4%)

MySpace (15.5%)

Stumble (3.6%)

Digg (2.0%)

Yahoo (33.6%)

Google (33.6%)

Microsoft Live messenger (7.8%)

AOL (10.4%)

Orkut (0.2%)

Other (5.8%)

What social media networks do you use? (check all that apply)
  • GetUpAndTryAgain By GetUpAndTryAgain
    on Mar 01, 2011  

    WOW Facebook is EXTREMELY popular!

  • bozemanbrooks By bozemanbrooks
    on Mar 01, 2011  

    I only use Facebook, it's really the only thing I have time for. It's fun to reconnect with people from my past. Also to stay connected with everyone else.

  • btlembrick By btlembrick
    on Mar 01, 2011  

    luv, luv, luv facebook.......tried twitter and just didnt get as much out of it as i do facebook

  • lauralee By lauralee
    on Mar 01, 2011  

    I do separate personal and professional: LinkedIn for professional and Facebook for personal. Twitter is a combo for me.

  • kaseyk18 By kaseyk18
    on Mar 01, 2011  

    not much time for facebook as no internet at home

  • Minni436 By Minni436
    on Mar 01, 2011  

    I use facebook to reconnect with old friends and now am expanding to keep in touch with family members such as my husbands cousins. Facebook also has some products that have special offers through it.

  • vintagepurple By vintagepurple
    on Mar 01, 2011  

    now i see why no one talks to me on aim any more :-/

  • Reka_814 By Reka_814
    on Mar 01, 2011  

    Taking this survey just made me feel as if I am too connected. Facebook is mainly for my close friends and family to share pictures of my little one!

  • rhturp By rhturp
    on Mar 02, 2011  

    Facebook is a great way to keep up with grandkids, but I only look a couple of times a week. I like to see them in person.

  • tammyyarbrough By tammyyarbrough
    on Mar 02, 2011  

    Facebook, mostly for coupons though :0)