What to Do:

Step 1: Try It

Set up your Philips Wake-up Light to see how it affects your sleeping habits and morning routine.

Step 2: Discuss It

Head over to the Philips Wake-up Light discussion forum and join the converation!

Step 3: Take Survey

Please take the Philips Wake-up Light survey.

Philips Wake-up Light versus The Sun   
Welcome to the Philips Wake-up Light Better Mornings Program. Along with eating right, exercising and sleeping well, light plays an important role in living your best life. Using innovative Light Therapy, the Philips Wake-up Light gradually wakes you up in a gentle, less abrupt way – the way nature intended it.


What’s Light Therapy?

Did you know that both sunlight and daylight have positive effects on us? The light raises energy levels and helps us align our daily rhythm. The Philips Wake-up Light gets brighter and brighter the closer it is to the set wake up time. Find out when to use the Philips Wake-up Light to help live your best life.

How the Program Works:

  • Try It: Now that you have your Philips Wake-up Light set it up and see how it affects your sleeping habits and morning routine.
  • Discuss It: We want to know what you think! Head over to the Philips Wake-up Light Discussion Forum and join the conversation; and don't forget to submit your review.
  • Share It: The Wake-up Light makes a perfect holiday gift and we have an exclusive discount for SheSpeaks members and friends. So they can use it, and share it too!
  • Evaluate It: Take the survey - We want to know what you think! Give us your feedback in our online evaluation survey. We'll let you know when the survey is ready for you to complete.

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