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  • kyrstens By  kyrstens    


    i love this stuff. it makes my hair so soft and leaves it feeling really healthy!

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  • Mama2two By  Mama2two    


    This is my go to shampoo. It lathers nicely, has a wonderful scent and works better than any other products I've used.

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  • EmmyWy By  EmmyWy    

    My hair is naturally frizzy and wild, but this shampoo, on top of the accompanying conditioner, takes that away and leaves my hair smelling great. My husband loves it. I wouldn't buy anything else.

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  • TheyCallMeTruther By  TheyCallMeTruther    

    I straight up use this shampoo whenever I want to feel sexy THAT NIGHT. Hahah, that's how nice it smells! Other than that, you could tell from the texture and the way it lathers that it's made of higher quality than some of the brands that you get for under five bucks at grocery stores. As far as results go, Nexxus has a lot of variety so part of loving this brand is choosing the right shampoo type for YOU. Cons? So very, very expensive. Seriously! It's no secret you can get salon quality amazing stuff for just a fraction of the cost (okay, maybe half) that this baby sells for. That's still twice as much you have to splurge on hair care. And with so many beauty products available out there for sooo many purposes, splurging just isn't a good idea nowadays.

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  • caryann By  caryann    

    I've tried many shampoos for my fine hair. I look for body, moisture and shine without weighing down. This shampoo smells great, and the bubbles feel creamy and luxurious. My hair felt moisturized but it didn't give me body or shine. Sometimes moisture alone can make my hair look greasy-like I haven't washed it. Not something I prefer. I couldn't go without washing my hair the following day because the unwashed appearance was worse. It performed poorly for my fine hair.

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  • kristinmcculloch75 By  kristinmcculloch75    

    I love Nexxus. So so much! It smells great, doesn't dry out my hair, doesn't leave a nasty residue, and it doesn't leave my hair difficult to work with. My hair is naturally curly and frizzy and hard to manage. Nexxus leaves my hair easier to manage! The only thing I'm not thrilled with is the price. But, I find it's worth it simply because I have difficult hair, and Nexxus shampoo and conditioner makes my hair easier to style and less frizzy and it smells like Heaven!

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  • loferg615 By  loferg615    

    This shampoo smells SO good! Salon quality that you can buy at the store, great buy!

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  • nene129 By  nene129    

    If this shampoo wasn't so expensive, I don't think that I would ever use anything else on my hair! I love it that much.

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  • kgrandma By  kgrandma    

    I love this shampoo. It made my hair smell better than any shampoo I have ever used. My hair was softer than ever. It is a little more expensive but I think it is worth the money.

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  • dsbrown1924 By  dsbrown1924    

    loved it made my hair fill so clean and smell fabulous to

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