nature's bounty hair skin and nail vitamins

nature's bounty hair skin and nail vitamins

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Debatable I really liked the gummiest better. But this worked just as well. My nails and hair definitely grow faster. My nails though are still so thin and weak that they constantly break. So I'd say they really do work but my nails aren't strong enough

A little difference I prefer gummies but I think the pills worked better, however with both my nails grow but they weren't thicker so they break easier. I think my hair grows at it's normal rate.

I've definetly noticed a difference in my nails not being as brittle and growing faster. I can't really say for sure on my hair because its thick & has always grown fast.

I take the extra strength version of natures bounty hair skin and nails vitamins. I take them three times daily along with two fish oil pills. I started taking them just so that I could be healthier. After about two months my hair started growing in where I wasn't even missing any. I thing that is just wonderful. Now my hair is fuller and thicker. I did notice my nails grow faster and I rarely get zits. In the beginning they used to make me feel ill but Just make sure you drink lots of water and take them with food.

I received this as a sample. I didn't care for the gummies. They get stuck in my teeth. since I only got a couple as a sample didn't really notice a difference.

didnt really notice a difference in my hair maybe my nails but not really my hair

like the idea of it, but can't say i noticed great gains in hair or nail growth

These vitamins have literally made such a dramatic difference! My nails are so long and my hairs been growing like weeds. The longer you use them the better the results. If youhave hard to grow hair and breaking nails i highly recommend these!