Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

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I have to agree; this product is GREAT! They do look pretty funky when you're done with them, but I'd say thats because its doing its job well! Any stain I've used the Magic Eraser on I've gotten up. I do recommend!

I really like this product alot. I really dont think there is anything it wont clean. The only problem with it is that they always fall apart on me.

Love the magic eraser, however, this mop didn't work well.

Hands down, one of THE best products for tough spots. Works great on walls where there are scuffs, too.

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this product!!!

I love this product. I just wish they'd come out with it years ago and that the sponges held together longer. It took up marks on painted walls and linoleum floors that nothing else has touched!

Excellent! I have two little doodlers and these work well on walls. Dont do jack for ink on a leather chair but excellent on walls.

I use these on everything - most commonly cleaning finger prints, smudges, etc off of walls and assorted floor marks. I always keep these around the house.

this is about the only cleaning product i use, except when i need to have a germ killer. i have actually gotten sharpie marks off of furniture. its great to use on shoes too..just don't rub too hard. it works like a charm for windows & glass.

One of the best products out there! I keep one in both bathrooms and the kitchen.

Love is great for ring around the tub. It tears a little too easily..

I love this product. iI have used it to clean many different things in my house. I have used it on clothing too! Works Great!!

I love this product! We live in a 50 year old house that has a pink tile bathroom. Because of the age of the grout stains in there, we have been unable to get stains out, but with the eraser, it was like magic! Watching me use this, you wouldn't have believed I had spent hours on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor before! As far as cost, you can pay about $3 for a pack of them or buy an individual eraser for $1. Given that there are always coupons, this is what I have done. I bought 3 for $1!

This is my favorite cleaning product! It can clean just about everything with just a wipe, even those burnt on cooking stains on top of my oven!

I have NEVER encountered a cleaning product like this! No chemicals, works FAST and lasts a long time! I love to use it on all sorts of finishes/things, but I think my favorite are my cupboards. They are white and with food and grease marks, I can clean them VERY quickly. I love this product. You rock Mr. Clean Eraser!