Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

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I love that these say they are SIMPLE, but you read the ingredients and they aren;t so simple to read. I bought them once to give them a shot. Didn't work for taking off eye makeup, diid work for taking iff face makeup. Iff you are traveling or something and aren't wearing much make up these will be might great for you.

In my opinion these work great to cleanse the face when you are not wearing makeup or much makeup and you are in a hurry or camping, however they do not remove eye makeup well.

Good, but no the best These are not the beset, even though I do have the face wash , these wipes make my sensitive skin burn ! :(

I like the idea of these wipes because the formula is supposed to be gentle, soap-free and otherwise non irritating to the skin. It's supposed to remove all dirt and make-up including water-proof make-up. I have no problem with the formula and it does remove all the make-up and leave my face feeling clean but not irritated but the wipes themselves are too rough. They scratch and almost hurt. It left my face very red. I won't buy them again.

These wipes are convenient, but I wouldn't recommend them for people with sensitive skin. They're full of ingredients that made my face red and irritated after only a few uses, and I had to stop using them before I finished the package because my skin dried up and flaked.

wipes dry out too fast These are great for on the go or if you want to feel refreshed during the day but they wipes dry out way too fast.

I never pay for this type of item because lotion gets any makeup off. It does not do bad things to your skin. Why pay for an over priced eye makeup remover when you could use lotion and moisturize at the same time?