Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

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I do not like the pampers wipes because they are very thin and it is hard to clean up a messy diaper. You have to use a ton of them! Huggies is the brand I use because they are thick, durable, and you only have to use one or two for a really messy diaper. They are also cheaper than pampers!!!

These are perfect for cleaning up messes the little ones make but also great for keeping in the car and my purse!

My favorite brand!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, my daughter has the most sensitive skin EVER. These wipes saved her poor little bum! Sooo worth the price,love 'em!

I do not like these wipes because they are so slick that they slide right over my child's bottom and leave behind poop. It takes more wipes to clean the poop than if I use Huggies wipes, which are thicker and seem to pull more of the poop off. They are ok on pee only diapers, but I am just not a fan of the texture and feel to these wipes.

I love pampers wipes it gets the job done.

these are one of my favorites - but are on the expensive side - good quality product.

Love these wipes. I make homemade wipes for home but always have these in the diaper bag.

The only good thing about this wipes are the scent...very natural and mild to the little noses I think. The bad thing on this one is that it disintegrates so is soft and it breaks too easy while wiping the baby. Huggies is not too soft but it holds up! and they are quite the same in price even after coupon.

It's an okay product, but I like the huggies brand cause it is thick and holds well and comes in shea butter scent, it gets the dirty diaper duty jod done with only 2-3 wipes cause of it's thickness. Had to use more with pampers wipes.

Honestly, I prefer Huggies wipes and Pamper's diapers. When the tub gets low on wipes, you have to squeeze your fingers through the plastic oval to reach a wipe. It's uncomfortable. Huggies has a flexible top that is easy to reach through and the texture of their wipes are softer,thicker and easy to pull apart if you only want half a wipe.

I love these wipes, they leave the skin feeling amazing! They also are the best for my super sensitive baby and toddler! LOVE THEM!

Love these wipes! So soft and clean nicely. There not hard and rough on the skin like other wipes. Only downside, no scent, but I rather have no scent than a sore butt.

nice smell, soft, leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized, and (the biggest win for me:) they come apart easily when pulling them out of the box. when you have a squirming, crying baby in front of you, holding legs so they don't get feet in the dirty diapers (or knock the diapers contents out!), etc. it's VERY important that you aren't fighting with the wipe box trying to get a single wipe!

These are the only wipes I use. They are hypo-allergenic, and don't have a perfumy smell like other wipes. I have also had other wipes that are too thick, but these are much more flexible, which is good. All in all, until my son is potty-trained, these do the job!