Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

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My son loves them. Great snack although very low nutritional value. However, anything that gets them eating and quiet works for me sometimes.

I really love the portability of these snacks and they taste good too. Ill admit I sneak a couple.

Great for teething babies but my daughter didnt really care for them.

baby likes them and gives him something to hold

These are pretty great little snack crackers except my kids were very enthusiastic chewers and would break too big of pieces off, and because of the shape of the cracker they would get stuck on the top of their mouth. Once we got past this issue they loved them!

Good for teething baby's :). Can be messy when they eat them . Lol

Weird to me but she liked them. I expected more of a rice cake than this weird styrofoam looking thing but my baby enjoyed them and she never had an issue eating them.

my grandson couldn't get enough of these.

When my girls were little they didn't care for these at all. They actually stuck to their lips a lot more often then I thought the might of. I would have to put a lip balm on them before they ate them so they wouldn't stick and bring skin off with it when they took them out of their mouths. They much preferred Biter Biscuits to these. I plan on trying these out with my son when he is old enough to try them but my bet is he'll have the same reaction as my girls did and won't care too much for them. They are convenient for on the go,though.

Probably not one of our favorite products! My kids would eventually get a chunk off and I would worry about them choking on it. They are also extremley messy, which makes them not good for traveling.

These are a good introduction to finger foods for teething babies. The only things I don't like about them are that they are pretty messy, they break easily (choking worries), and they don't taste very good so my kids would never actually eat them.

To be honest I have never seen these in the stores, I could be over looking them, we usly get the puffs and the small cheetos forms they have came out with, Would like to try these with my 8 month old

with no teeth my baby found then hard to gum! there wasn;t much flavor for her so she wouldn't eat a whole package so the other would go bad!

My daughter doesn't really like them. They stick to her tongue and make her gag. I ended up eating them.

These are OK. Very, Very messy! And once the cookie gets to a small size, you have to be extremely careful NOT to take your eyes off of the baby as this is a MAJOR choking hazard.