Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Blackest Black

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Blackest Black

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I avoided this one for a long time bc it was cheaper but I finally tried it and found that it works better than alot of the expensive new mascaras.

Too heavy/ runny for my eyes. Makes my eyelashes feel heavy and makes my eyes water.

This is the mascara I used in highschool. It served it's purpose but it is not something that I use now. I prefer my lashes to feel more natural and not too made up.

I've been using Maybelline mascara since I started wearing makeup in junior high school. It does the job & it's inexpensive! I've tried other department store brands but you can't beat the quality & price of this product.

I love Maybelline mascara. Doesn't clump and goes on smooth.

This is one of my old favorites. It works well, doesn't glop or take forever to try, and is inexpensive.

use it daily:)

My favorite Mascara! I use this with Fast Lash and I've created Kardashian Lashes!

I love this mascara! Its a classic! No matter how many mascaras they come up with promising bigger bolder and volume lashes. This mascara always takes all of them out. It is also alot cheaper than alot of other mascaras you can't loose!

It's okay. It's inexpensive, that's for sure. I used this mascara for a very long time, but I think it was mostly because I didn't know any better. I promise you, if you shell out just a few extra buck for a nicer mascara, you won't be disappointed. This is definitely one for beginners.

This has pretty much always been my go to mascara. The price is great and it's available everywhere. In fact, I started using this product because my mom used it. The bright pink and green mascara is so recognizable. I will continue to use this - can't think of a reason why I'd stop.

This is my every day go to mascara. Great product for a reasonable cost.

Eh. this is an ok product. DEFINITALLY a beginner mascara. It comes out pretty black, but it doesnt do much to enhance the eyelashes, but just kind of coast them in color

I tried using this mascara a few times and didn't like it at all. I felt like it was too clumpy and I had to comb my lashes a few times after applying. I think it was the brush more than the formula. I see that a lot of people remember their moms using this mascara, but my experience was the exact opposite. My mom saw that I had this mascara in my makeup bag so she thought it would be a good one and bought it for herself. She didn't like it either.

Of course like everyone else, my mother introduced me to this mascara. It has always been the mascara that beauty experts secretly swoon for, mainly because of the quality for the price. I use a dark brown color, and this is the only mascara I normally buy. Good price, Great quality and lengthens my lashes well. After a couple coats, this mascara also plays as a voluminizing help as well. Great product!