Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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Gave my thick,coarse hair the feeling of a good blow out without all the work. No need to use everyday but if your hair is feeling a little unmanageable while wet this stuff does the trick. A little goes a long way which is a plus.

Tell me why i loveeeee this product!

Tamed my fly-aways, Gave my hair needed volume and umph! Love it!

I love this product. I am late to the game posting my review but I have nothing negative to say. The smell is great; I love how shiny it makes my hair and its straightens is just enough to let the natural wave shine through without the frizziness. Thank you shespeaks and Aveda for letting me try this great product.

I love this product! It smells great, is good for my hair, and it works. My hair has some natural wave that I can usually blow dry straight. This product made getting it straight faster and easier. I love that the company uses plant products and limits or eliminates harmful chemicals. I will definitely buy this in the future, and the tube lasts for a really long time.

I have wavy hair and I thought this product was wonderful. I always had a hard time getting my hair to be completely straight using a round brush and blow dryer before, but when I used some of this first, My hair came out beautifully straight. I have a hard time believing it would work on someone with very curly or thick hair, but I have fine hair and it worked very well. I will buy more when I run out!

My daughter has been using this product quite regularly and I have noticed a significant difference in the texture of her hair. She has very thick hair which tends toward wavy that she seems to be inheriting from me (I have very curly, 3a curls). She uses this product after showering and will blow dry with a round brush. Her hair is stick straight and smooth for a couple of days. The more often she uses this product, the longer her hair stays smooth in between washes. It's pricey, but worth it.

Great product. Makes my hair much more manageable before drying. Cuts the drying time down as well. Great scent!