Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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This product worked very well for me. I have fairly long fine textured hair that tends to frizz and has a wave. My hair looks so smooth, shiny and polished when I use it. My friends tell me it looks more professional for work too. My daughter recently had a sleepover and several of the girls tried this product. The results were just beautiful! Glossy smooth hair for all :)

I have loved using Aveda naturally straight. The fragrance is lovely and it has completely tamed my frizzy wavy hair. For the past 6 weeks I have washed and conditioned my hair, and only applied this Naurally Straight product. Compared to argon oil that I was using before, this product controlled frizz so much better. I am only using a nickel size amount of the product, so I believe the will last a long time and is a great value for a quality product! I am definitely sold on the product and have become a regular user. My only minor disappointment is that there are days when I do like to wear my hair curly, and while using this product it us definitely harder to do because even without applying the product, the hair stays naturally straight for a few washes.

Love this stuff!

This was such a fun product to use with my curls, to figure out just how straight they could get. The more I used it, the more it works. I loved it and the idea of it.

Great product with a great smell. This product helps straighten your hair with the use of a flat iron. Works great. I did not try it without using a flat iron.

PERFECT! I LOVE Aveda products but had not tried this particular one until now. It made my hair smooth and straight and lasted a minimum of three days. I even used dry shampoo and hairspray and it stayed.

I really like the Aveda Naturally Straight hair straightener is excellent. I always like my hair straight, but then it's either too long or I don't like it. After trying this, I loved it! I will indeed buy it again. It made my hair much straighter than any other at-home treatments that don't work at all. It never made my hair frizzy. I will definitely buy it again!

Awesome product to tame frizz and curls. Nourishes hair and looks beautiful. I would recommend to my friends and family.

I just got this & I have to say after using it just once, I see a big difference. I love how it smells, how easy it is to distribute into my hair & it makes straightening my hair a breeze. I love it already! Excellent product

Great product. Lasted all day left hair soft and smooth!

I have tried other similar products and I think this one does a great job. I find that Aveeda Smooth Infusion makes straightening my hair go a bit faster when I use it, and it does make my hair smooth and less frizzy through out the day. I'd recommend this to my friends! Solid choice.

Works great and smells great too!

I used this product for two weeks (and am currently still using it) and have been very happy with the results thus far. The major thing I have noticed is that it has helped tame the frizz in my hair. I have also let my daughter use it and she has frizzier hair than mine, and it seems to be working well for her also. We both really like the smell of the serum. We will be buying for in the future for sure.

I loved this product. It made my hair super soft and straight as long as I used a blow dryer. I did not see the results as much if I air dryed my hair! I definitely will be adding this product to my normal hair routine!

I have heard so many good reviews about this product that I'm buying it. I like straight hair once in a while is more manageable. I also love my curly hair.