Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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I enjoyed the Aveda Naturally Straight product. It did seem to help when I blow-dryed my curly hair. It is not a solution to avoid heat styling, of course. But I found that once my hair was styled once with this product, the style held for longer than it otherwise would have. As always, love the Aveda fragrance (I have no sensitivities, though, so it might not be good if you do). Would definitely recommend to other curly/wavy-haired girls!

I loved the Aveda Naturally straight product used to more easily straighten my hair and keep it straight for days! At first I put it in my hair and let it air dry. My hair was still wavy, but it did help combat some frizz. Where the real magic happened was when later on a friend straightened my hair! It was much easier to straighten my hair with a hair iron, left my hair soft, smooth and super shiny free of frizz all together. One of the best features is that it left my hair straight for 3 days with out getting frizzy, oily or wavy. I was complimented on my hair do many times on how nice and healthy it looked and how shiny as well! I like that it's natural, smells good and gives great results. I would definitely buy this again and recommend without hesitation to anyone. It's rare to find a natural product that works this well without having to use a keratin or similar!

I really liked this product! It WORKS!! It make my hair look and feel great! I did still have to flat iron my hair a bit to get the complete straight look, but not near what I was doing before.

Absolutely love this product! My hair has never felt or looked better! Product applies easily without my hair feeling greasy or heavy. I followed the directions and have never been more pleased with a product. Hair is silky, smooth and straight! I tried the product after washing, drying and flat iron the first 3 days. On the 4th day I didn't need to use my flat iron! Will be a lifelong customer!

Super straight and easy to use.

Beautiful, straight, fashionable results with this Smooth Infusion from Aveda! My expectations were not that I would no longer have to dry or style the hair ~ I assumed it was to get that rich, right from the salon, frizz free smooth that I love and on that, it clearly delivered. It eliminated fly aways and frizz and gave that super smooth, elegant, straight style that turns heads! It was effortless to work into the daily regimen and did not overpower with fragrance. I highly recommend you give this a Aveda Smooth Infusion a try.

Love this product. Great for way hair look as well as straight. Takes out the frizz, smooths my curls and smells fantastic!

I thought this product worked great. Kept my hair straight and not frizzy all day. I did not find it heavy at all, It was very light on my hair, made styling easy and smelled terrific. I would definitely use this product as well as recommend to friends

I have short hair, but it still frizzes up and is just not cute when the humidity hits. This product works perfectly. My hair is not only straight with no frizz, but it also made my hair super shiny. My teens have very long hair that is not curly, but wavy and also frizzes with humidity. They too can see a difference that looks great! We will continue to use this product for sure.

My hair was soft, smooth, and shiny for days!

I love this product.It really works for my hair type.I have mostly straight frizzy hair and I had to use flat iron but with this product I don't have to anymore.It straitens my hair without weighing it down,my hair looks shinier and healthier and it it has a great smell.

I love product. I think you need to use it every wash in order to get the results you want/need. My friend says my hair looks so healthy every time she sees me. I did not think this stuff worked after the first time using it but by the 5th time it is wonderful. I use it, my daughter who has mixed hair uses it and I even got one of my other friends (who is black) to use it. It worked great on all of our different hair types. Though my friends did not last as long since she onlyused it once. It keeps my hair straight if I blow dry it straight now and it also keeps it frizz free when I air dry it. My daughter actually used it to curl her hair, the curls lasted longer then they should have, she could even brush the curl and it popped back in place. I am able to blow dry quicker and even straighten quicker. A little goes a long way so its worth the price. I use it all the time, my daughter uses it as well adn like I said I let my friend use it as well and still have over half of the tube left. Buy it, and continue to use it.

It smelled good, easy to use and made my hair straight. Cant ask for much more!

I love this product. I have naturally curly hair and sometimes I love to straighten it but most products dont last all day. This one does and also keeps my frizz to a minimum...I will definitely be buying this product..two thumbs up

Love this product. I have very curly hair that i like to straighten. This make my hair straight for several days, and made my hair look softer. Blow drying was quicker, so less damage.