Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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I have fought curls and frizz my entire life. When ever I have tried products to straighten my hair I have found them heavy and greasy. After just a week of using the Aveeda naturally straight I have noticed that it is completely different than other products I have tried. My hair is soft and manageable even with the product in my hair. With just a small pea size amount, I could keep the frizz away all day, even with the wind and humidity. The best part, no greasy, slimy hair at the end of the day. My hair stayed soft and easy to maintain the straightened look for 2 days. However, I did not notice a significant difference in blow dry time when using the Aveeda naturally straight but it always takes forever to dry my hair. I did have to reduce the amount of stars by one due to the cost of the product. It tends to be a little more expensive but it really is worth it.

This product is simply amazing. My hair looks soft and smooth from the time I style it in the morning until I go to bed at night. It even works on rainy days! Also, this is the only straightening product that I've ever tried that doesn't make my fine hair look greasy.

Love this new product. Makes my hair shiny and smooth. Definitely recommend it. I loaned it to a roommate with damaged frizzy hair and it works great for her too. Thanks Aveno and She Speaks for the sample!

I received a full size sample through SheSpeaks Aveda Naturally Straight Program. I have used it five times and it really works. It cuts down on the blow drying time too. I will definitely continue to use it!

It has been a week that I have been using the Aveda Naturally Straight. I have had my hair done for 2 years at a salon and this looks just as good. It is less expensive easy to use, safer, and smells way better. My hair is done faster than every each day.I use to have to sit in a salon for 3 hours. Now my time is my time. The smoothness lasts through a few washes. I love the fragrance. The product is light and you need only a small amount. I am sold. Thanks for the free product SheSpeaks/Aveda

I was surprised at how this reduced my blow drying time. I used to use another silicone based product to get that silky shiny feel but I'm switching. While I don't have curly hair I do have thicky wavy hair that requires a blow dryer AND flat iron to get the look I'm going for each day. Aveda Naturally Straight gives me a better look and feel even when I skip hair washes. PLUS i don't get that achey feeling on my scalp if I wear a headband or ponytail.

I love, love, love Aveda Naturally Straight! I've been using it for one week now and my hair looks better than it has ever looked in my life. Usually I have weirdly wavy, frizzy hair that I have to blow dry straight, then straighten & then hope that there is no humidity or rain or wind as I go about my day, because otherwise all that effort goes out the window and my hair is back to looking awful. By day 2 I realized that my hair looked significantly less frizzy and was much easier to blow dry straight -- I don't even have to get my straightening iron out! Even better, my hair still looks this good at the end of the day, no matter what weather I encounter! This is my new holy grail product!

I tried the full size Aveda Naturally Straight free through She Speaks and I have been amazed at the way my hair has turned out! I went from frizzy 80s looking hair to straight bouncy silky hair. I blow dry my hair and its soft and straight not that 80s look! Holy cow my hair is finally up to date! I will buy this when my tube runs out!

I have 4a type hair and Naturally Straight did a good job at keeping the frizz down. My strands feel very silky. I blow dried and instead of flat ironing did a 2 strand twist throughout. I will try straightening later.

I have been using the Aveda Naturally Straight product for 5 days. I really liked that I only had to use a small amount of the product in order to straighten my hair. It takes far less time for me to blow dry my hair and I feel like I barely have to pull the brush through in order to get the curls to lay nicely. The only downside I have found is that my hair looked oily after a day of not washing it. This may be because I used too much product initially, though. I also wish I had received this product in the summer so I could use it on a humid day for a true test of its staying power.

I used Aveda Naturally Straight and fell in love after the first use. I washed, towel dried, blew dry my hair. Simple, right?! Two days later & my hair looks better than the first day! It is soft and staright and manageable! Thanks @SheSpeaksUp for letting me try this great new product!

I received a full size bottle through SheSpeaks Aveda Naturally Straight Program. I liked how this product felt on my hair. I also liked they way it made my curls smooth..that's right, curls! I also tested it out to straighten my hair. It did keep mt hair tangle free and it looked nice when I finished with the flat iron. Just using this product and a blow dryer I found my hair to still be too frizzy for my liking. It was definitely a good tool, but not a solution. I will continue to use it for the the shape and softness if gave to my curls.

I received a full size sample through SheSpeaks Aveda Naturally Straight Program. The first day that I used the product I was amazed at how great my hair looked. The frizz was gone and it looked sleek and shiny. I did also used mousse to give my hair a little volume. My hair blow dried quicker and the brush went through my non-tangled hair and I did not have to use a straightening iron. Aveda Naturally straight will become part of my daily routine. The only downside is that you need mousse or a little styling product so that your hair does not become limp.

I sure hope you get a chance to see the video review and blog post I did for Aveda Naturally Straight . This product made my hair look so nice I was really amazed and just had to do a video to show you how well it did . Please keep in mind that I am 54 and anything that makes my hair look this smooth is a miracle. I really love it!!! http://lorialcorn2006.blogspot.com/2014/09/aveda-smooth-infusion-naturally.html

I received Aveda Naturally straight through she speaks. Love it. The product was regular size, not a sample. It makes my hair straight and easy to manage. Makes my hair smooth and soft and frizz free. It added a touch of shine. Best product to use.