Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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I was very impressed with how quick that the Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight worked to straighten my hair! I loved that there were no chemicals and it felt very lightweight on my hair. Also, my hair overall felt so much smoother, and I normally have a lot of frizz, but after using the Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight, there was definitely less frizz with my hair overall. I still had to use a straightening hot iron, but I noticed that my hair was straight in less time that I normally take to straighten my hair. Overall, I definitely recommend the Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight to anyone who is looking to reduce their frizz, as well as have an easier time to straighten their hair.

I thought this product was great. I have wavy hair with a little frizz. After blowing my hair I quickly flat ironed it. I didn't mind because my hair stayed straight and light until my next shampoo. I highly recommend this product, and will certainly purchase it again.

This was great for my hair. It made my blow outs look better and last longer. I have very long, wavy/curly hair and it eliminated the frizz and made it look healthy, even though I really need a trim! I've gotten so many compliments on my hair since starting to use it and I think it has a cumulative effect. I will purchase and I would definitely recommend this to others.

Aveda smooth infusion worked great on my hair. I have wavy hair and I noticed a difference even after the first use. It made my hair straight and soft. It also really reduced the time I usually spent styling my hair. I would definitely recommend this product.

After the first use I noticed more manageable and sleeker hair. It use easy to use and cut my styling time in half . I would recommend this to all of my friends with curly or wavy hair

I have such unruly hair but after only a few shampoos with this great product it was definitely much easier to style!

Love it. A little goes, a long way, smells great.

I love this so much, thank you for introducing me to it! It made hair more manageable and it seems healthier too. It is the best hair care product for this particular hair issue that I have ever used, and I try EVERYTHING.

Aveda Naturally Straight is lightweight and smells amazing. It is a great de-tangler, and made it very easy to comb out my fine, tangle-prone hair.After blowdrying, my hair was very straight and felt really soft. I would recommend this to people with thicker hair than mine, as it did seem to make my hair feel limp after repeated uses.

I loved this product! I have naturally wavy and frizzy hair. A dime sized amount before blowdrying really did the trick. My hair stayed straight all day and even through the next couple of washes.

I already have straight hair, so I can't report on that effect. However, as a frizz tamer and leave-in conditioner, Aveda Naturally Straight is sublime. I have VERY long, very fine hair, and used per instructions, it smoothed out my flyaways, and even my worst split ends, but didn't weigh down my hair, or leave a greasy residue. When I woke up the next morning, the effects continued...a plus was, it didn't even tangle like it normally does. Even after I washed it, I noted lingering effects. The shine was excellent... I haven't had hair that shiny in a long time, where I didn't have it loaded with product. Finally, the scent is AWESOME. I'd use it for that alone.

Made my hair super easy to blow dry and straighten. It took half the time!

I received a free full size sample from SheSpeaks and I started using the Aveda Naturally Straight right away. I noticed results on my first use of this product. My hair was easier to blow dry and the hot iron and was more manageable. This product is very concentrated and easy to use! It only takes a small amount. After several uses, I DID notice that my hair had less frizz and was straighter which means LESS work for me trying to straighten it! I will purchase the other products in this line because I am happy with this product.

This product was very helpful in obtaining a fantastic style in minimal time. I love the consistency, smell and lightweight nature of the product. I highly recommend it!

Check out my review http://www.pinkorchidmakeup.com/2014/10/product-review-aveda-smooth-infusiontm.html#links Aveda Smooth Infusion(TM) Naturally Straight is an amazing product. It is definitely a healthier way of straighten my hair. It is lightweight and easy to apply. I totally loved the results. My hair looks shiny and frizz-free. I also loved that it does save me time while styling. I think this product will work as well on even curlier hair. My hair also feels hydrated in comparison with other styling products, or not using a product at all. I totally recommend it.