Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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I received a full size sample of this product from Shespeaks, thank you very much. My hair is frizzy in just about any type of weather, so I was excitedly hopeful when this product came in. I will give you the positives first: 1. It has a nice smell, like Aveda products usually do 2. It is not tested on animals 3. It made the frizz around my crown lie flat The negatives, 1. It did nothing for the rest of my head 2. If I wanted my hair to be flat, I still had to use my flat iron. ALOT! 3. If I am going to spend the money on a product to straighten my hair, I do not want to have the exact same routine as I did if I didn't use the product. I love Aveda products, but this one was a disappointment to me. Glad to see it worked for the others :)

This is review #1. So far, I have only used the product on towel dried hair. It let my hair air dry much smoother and shinier. I will write another review after using with dryer/iron. As of now, I'm pretty impressed.

I just received the Aveda Naturally Straight. I used it on myself, as well as my daughter, who has much curlier and frizzier hair. We loved its smell and how it felt in our hair. Not at all greasy. My daughter's hair was smooth and silky. It took much less time to straighten it to remove her frizz. She's looking forward to her next application in her hair.

Very pleased with the performance of this Aveda Naturally Straight product. After fighting my curls for far to long, this great new invention on the market managed the mop of hair in no time flat. Flat is exactly what I finally got, with little fuss or fight. Very happy with the frizz management as well.

I love this product. My hair is so smooth and soft and looks naturally straight. My only complaint is... I don't think I want straight hair. I love my natural curls.

I like that this product decreases my drying time. I have found that I still need to use my flat iron to help fight the frizz at times, but it has definitely helped. I will absolutely keep using this product!

This product is a dream come true. I have frizzy, naturally wavy/curly hair which I straighten with a blow dryer and occasionally a flat iron. It usually becomes puffy and frizzy in any kind of damp weather or if I touch it with wet hands, or sweat...very frustrating. After using this product one time, my hair stayed straight for two days, even on a humid day. The second time, it also remained straight and silky--and on the second day all I had to do was brush it. The product smells wonderfully herbal and goes on without any stickiness. In addition, it only took a small amount to blend into my thick hair. I am a believer and will be purchasing this product when my tube runs out!

I received a full size sample and decided to use it on my 12 year old who has very curly hair. When I blow dry it, it never stays straight and starts to get frizzy. This profit has kept her hair straight for a few days so far. It's sleek and shiny. My only complaint which is why I gave it a 4 instead of 5 is that it felt a little greasy. Not sure if I put too much or the product is just greasy. Either way it saved me time in the blow drying process and has lasted so long!

This made my hair smooth and straight. I really liked the feel of my hair after using it!

I like this product--it doesn't solve the humidity frizzes 100%, but it did a decent job. My hair seems straighter & I LOVE that is not oily or greasy!! Would purchase!

I used the full size Aveda Naturally Straight product from She Speaks and have been quite impressed with it. My hair is wavy with a bit of frizz and this product has made my hair much more silky and easy to style without a lot of fuss.

Even better results than I expected. It was pleasant to use and it didn't take much to make my hair stay straight for several washes. One bottle will last a long time!

I received this product just in time as my hair is in that in between stage of being both curly yet frizzy at times. I have used Aveda Naturally Straight product for a week now and really liked that only a small amount is needed to keep my hair smooth and straight. After using the product, I got many compliments on how nice my hair looks straight and it stayed frizz free as well even during the high humidity days. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants a straight, frizz free hair experience.

Started using this last week and already see a difference. It is much easier to tame the curls and frizz.

Love it. product was very easy to use. I love the way it smells. My frizziness is gone. Most importantly, it doesn't feel like there's any product in my hair.