Dawn Power Clean

Dawn Power Clean

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I love the fact I don't have to scrub the crap out of a crusty pan

Decent for dishwashing, gets the job done, but I don't see much difference between this and a knock off brand.

I love the smell of it, and it is very soft on my hands.

Best dishpan It only takes a few drops of dawn to clean an entire sink full of dishes. It you soak any stuck on food in it the stuck on food will wipe right off

Im a faithful dawn user and finally broke down and decided to give the power wash version a try. In my honest opinion it does the same as regular dawn. Nothing spectacular. I do love dawn though because it works on every single thing you can imagine... Including fleas on your pets.

great for its price. but takes too much to wash a sink full of dishes not even mentioning the pans..not a strong soap

I love it.. ive tired others but this one is the one for me.. i wouldnt trade it for another..

The price is to high for what it gives you and other dish soaps work better to take off all the grease on the pans for a cheaper price and bigger bottle

I love original Dawn, but this power clean breaks out my hands. I vote no.