Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

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Scent free makeup wipes This makeup wipe is nice. It doesn't have a scent and works well with getting all my makeup off.

Great wipes! My face did not feel soapy or sticky after they dried.

These wipes are great, especially for travel. They do not leave your skin oily or dry, and one wipe is usually enough to remove a fulll face of makeup.

Great for sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin. These have yet to irritate my skin. It seems to take all of my make up off, including waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Effortless make-up removal These Simple wipes remove my make-up effortlessly. They are super affordable. They make my skin feel clean and refreshed after using.

Refreshing Simple skin care wipes are easy to use and take off make up without drying out the skin. Easy to travel with. Always come in handy.

This item is just ok, I think it's a little to pricey

These are not wet enough. I actually just use the RiteAid brand ones. They are wet enough to take makeup off and they work well on my sensitive skin. It's not a good product if you have to really rub to get your makeup off...

These wipes are great for taking off makeup. I like that they're all natural.

These are ok, I dont know if I would buy them anymore.

I like these wipes because it makes taking off your makeup so much easier. I do find that it's a bit challenging to take off waterproof mascara.

Really dried out my skin, but cleaned effectively.

Again, slightly disappointed by Simple. These need to be kept in a ziplock bag or they will dry out quickly. This could be improved by selling them in a ziplock styled packaging, or (if we don't care about landfills) a snap lid container. The wipes are not very moisturizing, which leads to me pulling on my skin around my eyes. I wanted there to be more product on the wipe so that I didn't have to scrape my face. I would use this after washing my face to get stubborn eyemakeup off, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a product that seeks to eliminate the face-washing stage. Not my favorite product from Simple.

I have these ALL over my house! I love makeup wipes of all kinds. These aren't the best brand out there, but they do work okay.

They work great but I think they should be marked oily to normal skin not for use on sensitive skin.